IPF laser study

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Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: Laser Study

Purpose: Enlist IPF patients in a therapeutic laser study.


My name is Dr. Andrew Hall. I am a Chiropractor from Sonora, California. I own Summit Chiropractic and Therapeutic Laser Center.

A horrible uncontrollable cough and difficulty breathing prompted a trip to the Pulmonologist. I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) in October of 2014. My Pulmonologist seems to think 40 years exposure to X-ray developing chemicals caused the IPF and felt that I had probably about 5 years to live. I began laser therapy on myself in my office, thinking ‘what have I got to lose,’ either it will help or it won’t.

Amazingly, a subsequent Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) showed much improvement. The Pulmonologist said he was shocked as this disease “never improves.” Later, I had another CT scan that showed no additional ‘honey combing’ in the lungs. Another PFT was performed and again, more improvement. Blood Oxygen levels were stable at 97-99%. 3 more PFT’s were performed and they all improved again except one that showed no change. Another round of CT scans and PFT were performed in October 2017, CT scan shows still no more new honey combing. More improvement with the PFT showing more improvement with the Vital Capacity. Blood Oxygen levels continue at 97-99%. The Pulmonologist continues to be amazed.

I am going on my 4th year after my diagnosis and am thrilled with my progress. I run a busy practice and yet take weekly 3-5 mile hikes and am extremely active. I cough less and less. I feel good and have the stamina of most other 65-year-old men. I have hope that I didn’t have when I was first diagnosed.

I shared my story of laser success on EarthClinic.com and began having people with IPF contact me. We found each of them a doctor with a Class IV therapeutic laser and they began treatment. ALL patients have improved with the use of a laser.

What needs to be done now is a formal study involving lots of IPF patients to confirm and measure the efficacy of therapeutic laser in IPF treatment. I feel a moral and ethical responsibility to pass on this information, learn more, and help people with this dreadful disease. The only way we can do this is to get more people with IPF to get treated with a therapeutic laser and keep track of progress. So far, the anecdotal evidence shows improvement for all patients with the laser. We will help you locate a doctor with a Class IV laser if you choose to utilize this amazing discovery for yourself.

This website will address general information regarding IPF. We are dedicated to helping those with IPF to improve, prolong their lives and provide hope.

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Testimonials at this site are encouraged. Due to HIPPA regulations, you may not want to leave your name. We will always keep your name and email confidential unless otherwise indicated by the participant.

I will be forever grateful for your response to my text last year.  I showed [my chiropractor] the treatment you had been using for IPF on yourself and she said she was interested in treating me.  The past 8 months I have had laser treatments weekly… The healing process is amazing. My first visit with Pulmonary doctor was a little troubling because in his opinion I was throwing away my money and there is nothing that can help this disease other than the $8,000.00 a month drug.  2nd visit showed a very small increase with numbers in breathing test. Last test doctor actually put his arms around me and whispered in my ear keep up what your doing with Chiropractor you have come up 6 points in 6 months. He commented  “this doesn’t happen with this disease.” I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Continue your mission you are amazing.
Terry Johnson

Las Vegas, NV, USA

I was diagnosed with IPF in Dec 2015 & started on medication in Feb 2016. It is now Feb 2018.
My wife & I began doing a lot of research on the Internet regarding this disease & alternative options of treatment. We came across an article on laser therapy published by Dr. Hall who was treating himself with a Class IV laser for this disease.
We rang Dr. Hall in early 2016 & had a wonderful discussion with him. We were so very thankful to him for giving us his time.
I have been having laser treatments now since March 2016. I have regular lung function tests every 4 months & all have remained very steady. One in particular last year (2017) even showed an increase in my lung capacity! My pulmonologist actually said, “what’s your secret?”
I exercise regularly & this, in conjunction I believe with the Class IV laser treatment, is definitely having an effect on my results. We are staying positive all the time & can’t thank Dr. Hall enough for his advice and his kindness to us both at a time that is sometimes uncertain.
Garry H


I began laser therapy for my IPF just 2 months ago. I was placed into Hospice care by my doctors in September, 2017. They feel that I am end-stage for my pulmonary fibrosis. I always feel better a couple days after my laser treatment. The visiting nurse listens to my chest every week and she said that the ‘crackling’ in my upper chest is gone, though I still have some in the lower chest.
There are times when I can turn down the amount of oxygen that I use. My oxygen always seems to drop when I first get on my feet and then it comes back up.
Sue H


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