What is This Study?

What this study is:

This study is a small study designed to follow a limited number of IPF/lung fibrosis patients over a long period of time that measures the patients’ status before initiation of laser therapy and then measures any changes from the patients’ ‘baseline’ after and during treatment with laser therapy.

It is a well-established fact that laser therapy has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Most studies on IPF/lung fibrosis indicate that inflammation is the genesis of lung fibrosis and contributes to the production of more fibrosis. This study is to determine if laser therapy will reduce the inflammation and increase the oxygenation of the patient, and the possible arresting and/or slowing progression of the fibrosis. In no way does anyone claim that laser therapy is a ‘cure’.

The laser study participants are encouraged to stay on the ‘standard of care’ (SOC) that they are already on. This includes medications like Esbriet and Ofev and any other medication. The fact that the patient is taking drugs will be taken into account within the ‘baseline’ of each individual patient. Cessation of medications are strongly discouraged. No one should stop any drug treatment protocol and only rely on laser therapy alone. Laser therapy is only to be thought of as complimentary care in the patient’s treatment program. The cost of the laser therapy treatment will be the responsibility of the participant.

What this study is NOT:

This study is not a full-blown clinical trial. It is a preliminary study to determine long term improvement or slowing of IPF/lung fibrosis. It is a privately funded and small study that may result in a much larger clinical trial depending upon the results of this study.

Who should NOT plan to be involved in the study:

  1. Patients that have had lung transplant. Laser therapy is contraindicated for those patients due to the increase in stimulation of the immune system by laser therapy.
  2. Patients unwilling to forward copies of results of subsequent PFT’s (pulmonary function tests) and copies of subsequent CT scans.

What is required by the patient enrolled in the study:

  1. Each patient enrolled in the study will be required to provide ALL copies of previous PFT’s and copies of previous CT scan results.
  2. After laser therapy has begun, the patient will be required to be responsible for forwarding subsequent copies of PFT’s and CT results.